Arrow vs Flash

Arrow vs Flash

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Good or Bad

“People aren’t born good or bad. Maybe they’re born with tendencies either way, but it’s the way you live your life that matters - Simon Lewis City of Glass

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

The Vampire Diaries Characters

Hy Gusy. I'll start a new project.
I'll do a grafic of every character of the show.
So you have to check out this
blog every now and then
Your fav character could be next

And Please Comment.
Stefan Salvatore
The Ripper

Damon Salvatore
The Vampire

Elena Gilbert
The Doppelgänger

Caroline Forbs
Vampire Barbie

Bonnie Bennett
The Witch

Magic Circle by Frozen-wings

The Hybrid

Werewolf Drawing by Kenpudiosaki
Vampire Drawing by Chad Savage

Tyler Lookwood
The Wolf

Werewolf by

Jeremy Gilbert
The Ghost Whisperer

The Loyal

The Hunter

The Human